Activities that Teach the Presidential Election Process


The 2016 presidential election has been unconventional and politically charged, to say the least, but you can still teach about the election process in ways that won’t leave you with a class divided. Help your students understand the facts and fundamentals with these activity ideas.

  • Celebrate past presidents. Learn about prior presidents and compare how the current candidates are different.
  • Debate a school issue.  Pick an issue that is relevant for the students at your school and then have your class pick sides and debate the issue. This is an important process to learn for all ages!
  • Hold a mock election.  On election day, hold a mock election at your school.
  • Involve the whole school.
  • Try a little comic relief. Political cartoons that poke fun at the candidates and the election process reveal the lighter side of heated debates.
  • Teach voting rights with creative poster designs. Engage your students in a creative poster project that promotes the importance of voting for all U.S. adult citizens.
  • Review voting vocab. There are a lot of confusing words and concepts involved in our election process.
  • Create constitutional crossword clues.
  •  What is the Three-Headed Eagle? Just toss that question out there and have students research the answer for extra credit. Let students know that asking an adult for help on this one is OK, and the grown-ups might learn something too!
  • Celebrate with a different kind of political “party.” Take a page from Martha Stewart’s book (on Pinterest) and treat your class to these Election Day cupcakes complete with bipartisan decorations—blue donkeys and red elephants. Will your students choose vanilla or chocolate?

More details on these tips can be found here.

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