Dining out with Kids


Given our hectic lifestyles, it is not suprising to find that people are eating out more in restaurants rather than cooking at home. It is estimated the average household spends 40% of its food budget on eating out and away from home. This is pretty worrying as prepared meals are not healthy and we have no control of the amount of sugar, salt and preservatives are in our food. It is not suprising that our waistlines have increased!

Here are a few tips to taking a healthier option if eating out:

  • Avoid all you can eat buffets, these really are not good!
  • Chose restaurants that offer a healthier children’s menu
  • Read the menu and choose grilled or steamed rather than fried.
  • Request the sauce or butter on the side
  • Add vegetables or fruit cups instead of French fries
  • Ask for a doggie bag!

Can you offer an other suggestions ? Comment below.

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