Simple Tips to Get the Kids Moving


To get the children moving, physical exercise needs to start at home!  One of the most important lessons to teach your children is the importance of developing a healthy exercise habit. By encouraging your child to may also help you to stay in shape and avoid gaining extra pounds each year.

Children whose parents can offer the following were more likely to develop healthy eating and exercise habits:

  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Setting an example
  • Monitoring progress

We believe that the responsibility for getting your children moving should not only be up to Mom; Dads too can offer support – maybe throwing a ball or hoops after dinnertime. Involving the whole family in outdoor activities can provide a great social time too, a time to talk and share stories.

To get kids moving it really does need to start at home. Just talking to your family about joining a gym is not enough. Find a local YMCA in your area to join. The YMCA offer many exercise classes, tennis, swimming and much more. Parents use your influence to actually encourage them to get physical, and seeing parents enjoying exercise will encourage the smaller members of the family. Other ways to be a great role model, take the stairs instead of elevator, parking your car a little further away from the shops and walk, rake leaves. Actions speak louder than words and your child will get the healthy message by seeing you in action.

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