How to Help Your Nanny Manage & Monitor Your Kids’ Digital Devices


Your children are digital natives with advanced technology know-how, which can make controlling and monitoring their devices a tricky task. As a parent, however, you want to make sure your tech-savvy kids are safe from harmful or inappropriate content, online predators and online bullying. You also want to ensure they use their technology when it is truly needed, rather than excessively employ it for entertainment.

Equip your nanny with tools to help keep track of your child’s digital use and activities. Provide resources for your nanny so she can effectively lock down technology, from even the smartest, most tech-literate kids. Here are some tips on how to manage your clever child’s technology usage:


Sit down with your nanny and your children for a discussion about scheduling technology use time frames. Established tech-use times will make it easier for your nanny to visually monitor and keep track of how often the kids use their devices and what they’re using them for. If everyone can come to an agreement, sign a contract that holds both the nanny and the children accountable. Make sure the tech times make sense, like after homework is completed, during the time when kids are in-transit between activities or during snack breaks. Set up a digital calendar, so that you, the nanny and the kids all have access to the calendar from anywhere.

Designated Spot

Keep the digital devices in your household in a place that can be monitored. Have a room that is the designated charging station, where all tech devices can be accounted for. It is easy to have kids sneak onto tablets, laptops or phones that are strewn around the house. However, if the devices are in one room, you can easily see what is missing and identify who may be using it. Keeping tabs on the technology helps you make sure that the kids are sticking to their tech-use schedule and aren’t accessing inappropriate content. Depending on how sneaky your child is, you may need to set up the charging station or device storage area in a room that has a locked door.

Fingerprint Lock

Easy access is all it takes for your child to quickly log onto a device and get into some mischief. You run the risk of your child guessing your numeric password and using that to bypass its log-in security. It is best if you create a fingerprint lock for the phone, tablet or laptop so the adult has to be present for the child to gain access to the device. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a built-in fingerprint scanner that will help you limit access to the phone. You can have your nanny register her fingerprint on the devices that are at your child’s disposal, so she can monitor their use and provide access when appropriate.

Parental Apps

There are a wide variety of parental control apps you should share with your nanny. Net Nanny Social helps you make sure that your kids utilize social media responsibly and aren’t experiencing any cyber bullying or inappropriate content. This app will log conversations, block questionable contacts, detect red-flag words and allow access to your kids’ photos and walls.

PhoneSheriff provides granular time-limit controls, extensive browsing and texting logs and lets you review the apps they’ve installed. This control app is ideal for pre-teens as it provides an extensive and in-depth log of all your child’s digital activity. Qustodio lets you monitor up to five devices, including laptops, which is a big plus if you have many forms of technology within your household. It lets you set time limits for individual apps, provides web restriction and monitors the duration of technology use.

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