Tips for Children to Write Thank-You Notes


It is a well known fact that children dislike writing thank you notes after receiving a gift from a friend or family member. Parents – don’t give up, encourage your child to send a note of gratitude, without gentle persuasion your child is unlikely to send a note.

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Provide your child with thank you cards or notepaper. Let them choose. For young children a thank you card may not nephew necessary but how about sending a picture instead?  A special picture drawn by your child is much appreciated by family members.
  2. Give guidance of what to write. It does not need to be a long drawn out note. Why your child liked the gift so much or how it can be used.
  3. Explain the importance of a thank you note. Someone has taken their time and money selecting a gift and  it is nice to receive a note that shows they appreciate it. Even if the gift is not exactly what your child wants, explain that a note of thanks should still be sent.
  4. Send the thank you note within days rather than weeks of receiving a gift. Some parents are very strict with this and will not allow their child to play with a gift/toy until a note of thanks is written.

Sending a thank you note is only good manners. Make sure you set a good example yourself and let your child see that you too write notes of thanks.

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