Child Behavior and Reward Charts: How to Use Them Effectively

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Sticker Charts- Motivating Children with a Reward Chart

Many parents struggle to find effective consequences while overlooking the importance of using rewards. We recommend establishing rewards or “incentive systems” for kids.

Sticker charts are important to consider for several reasons:

  • Clear expectations. When your expectations of your child are crystal clear, they are more likely to be successful.
  • You get more of what you pay attention to.  If you pay more attention to positive behaviors, you get more of them. Likewise a child knows that they get attention for negative behavior so try to focus on positive rather than negative.
  • Immediate praise . Kids get immediate results for their progress. By looking at a reward chart they can see how well they’re performing.
  • Provide motivation. Incentives are often more motivating for children than the threat of losing something they value, which can cause some kids to go into a downward spiral.
  • Fewer Consequences.  Using incentives gives kids something to earn and helps parents who are feeling stuck.

We want to also stress that there are some important things to consider when implementing a behavior chart. We firmly believe that rewards are not bribes – the reward is established ahead of time when things are going well.  A bribe however is something that happens in the moment.

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