How To Celebrate National “Have Fun At Work Day”

January 27th – “National Have fun at work day” – and we have found some ideas to help you celebrate! We all spend many hours at work so we should try to enjoy it , correct? Whatever ways you celebrate make sure its safe and that you have the bosses approval, or better still – have them join in!

Here are three ideas to help you get you started:

  1. Plan an ice cream party. Ask everyone to bring in an item so you can make your own ice cream sundaes.
  2. Have a themed workday. Make it easy to encourage more people to join in – wacky hair day or character day are 2 easy ideas.
  3. Do a “guess who” photo contest. Ask your work colleagues to submit photos of themselves as a baby and the game is everyone tries to match the pictures to the employees.

You shouldn’t have to work too hard to make an idea list for how to have fun at work. Often, the simplest ideas are the biggest hits. Let us know what have been some of the best activities or celebrations you’ve experienced at the office?

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