How to get a TV Addict moving!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How to get a TV Addict moving

How many times have you asked the question “My kid watches too much TV, what can I do?” Well you are not alone! Often children watch TV or play computer games because they cannot think of anything else to do. It’s an easy option just laying on the sofa with the remote control in hand.

One way that you may be able help your child is to offer your child three choices:

  1. Unload dishwasher.
  2. Vacuum the living room
  3. Jump rope outside or shooting hoops

The first 2 options are not really very appealing to most children, so 9 times out of 10, the child will choose option 3 – which has now got your child off the sofa and outside running around. Score! By turning off the TV and giving your child alternatives your gently pushing them in the right direction (unbeknown to them!) If however your child is insistent on watching the TV, then strike a deal – during the adverts they must jump up and do jumping jacks or push ups!

Another idea, is switch around the routine at home. When they are home from school – instead of going straight to homework – allow them to run around outside for 30 minutes first. This is a great time for your child’s brain to reenergize before homework time! If time allows – perhaps a special treat can be TV after everything is all completed!

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