How Parents Can Encourage Their Kids

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How Parents Can Encourage Their Kids

It is important to remember that as a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. We should all encourage kids to try their best, the problem seems to occur when parents push, criticize, and give kids the message that they need to win at all costs.  Here are some ways parents can help kids succeed while supporting them in a healthy and productive way.

  • Try not to constantly talk to your kids about how they need to work hard.  It does not necessarily help to push your child. Many times your actions set a clear enough example. Be there to support your kids when problems arise.
  • Don’t focus on how they need to win or be the best. There is already plenty of pressure on kids in society today. As parents, focus on good values and support rather than criticize.
  • Never criticize. Don’t point out their shortcomings. You need to be their number 1 fan!  Instead, help your children come up with ways to solve problems, and let them know that you are proud of their efforts. Stay positive and help them see solutions instead of going negative and harping on the problems.
  • Give them the message that kindness counts.  Talk to your kids about the importance of things like having integrity, showing others respect, and exhibiting good manners.  Remind them that friends and family are as, if not more important than, achievements and awards.
  • Look at your actions as well as your words. If you tell your child that you’ll be happy as long as she tries her best but then criticize her when she doesn’t win or become angry when she’s not the best at something, remember that actions can often speak louder than words, especially when it comes to kids’ perceptions.

Remember that encouraging your child to be her best is a good thing, as long as you give your child some perspective and do it in moderation. 

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