Establishing Positive Routines

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Establishing Positive Routines

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed and disorganized? Then maybe it is time to establish some good habits and get you and your family into a positive daily routine that works for you, and takes advantages of your strengths and weaknesses. Routines are not boring or bad, but important in a family to keep everyone sane! Routines for positive behavior dramatically reduces discipline problems in a home.

Here are some tips to help you get into positive daily routines.

  1. Morning breakfast and coffee (for adults!)
  2. Exercise
  3. Take up medication (such as yoga)
  4. Set goals
  5. Be grateful
  6. Review the day
  7. Unwind
  8. Take a bath
  9. Keep a journal
  10. Read

Give this new routine  couple of weeks to become a habit, focusing on doing it every day.

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