Potty Training Tips

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Are you ready to start Potty Training? It is important to remember there is no actual ‘right’ age, it always depends on your child.  We recommend that you chose a good time for your family to start potty training. When is it not a good time? Times of stress for you and your child should be avoided such as during the arrival of a new baby or when moving to a new home.

Whether your child uses the grown-up toilet or happier on a potty, we believe the our Ultimate Potty Training Chart is fun and eye-catching and provides a central focus for both you and child to work from.  From encouraging your child to ask to use the potty through to completing the task with washing their hands, The Potty Chart acknowledges these important steps with bright, eye-catching reusable stickers – appealing for any toddler to try their best.

In addition to the charts and stickers, we have provide a supportive information sheet highlighting ‘10 positive steps to successful potty training’: these include how to plan for the task ahead, preparing your child, the importance of family involvement, key tips to using the chart and how to achieve the best results.

Sometimes you may find that your child reacts well to a little motivation for taking the first steps from using diapers to a potty. Our Ultimate Potty Training Chart has helped many families during this time and is available from our website at www.VictoriaChartCompany.com. Don’t forget to use coupon code VCHART15 to save 15% on your order.

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  1. sunnyjoshi123 says:

    You need to be gentle towards your kid while potty training and try not to get hyper.


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