Morning Routines – Start your day the right way


victoria chart company reward charts blog - Morning Routines - Start your day the right way

The simplest way to make mornings go smoothly is to establish a consistent morning  routine for kids that actually works. Here are some tips to do just that

  • Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep.
  • Organization starts in the evening – get the breakfast table set, clothes laid out for the kids, backpacks packed and ready
  • Make the lunches ahead of time
  • Be the first one up and awake
  • Set a good example yourself – don’t be screaming at your partner about your lost possessions!

Once you have a morning routine for your family, stick with it and discuss all the steps with your family.   This will help you recognize any glitches or perhaps the need to re-order some of the steps.

Encourage and empower your child – don’t do everything for them. Let them take ownership of certain chores that need to be done at home.  It might be quicker in the short term to put their pants on for them but you will just contribute to a power struggle that you will pay for in time and frustration down the road.


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