Screen Free Activities Kids Will Love

victoria chart company reward charts blog - screen-free activities for toddlers

Here’s a stark fact: Most American children spend more time consuming electronic media than they do in school – that’s a pretty worrying statistic.  Click here to view more details on this fact.  It is up to each individual family to decide just how much screen time is best for their kids.

Here are some of our favorite screen-free family activities that will encourage your child to put down their phone, tablet, pc, ipad  or anything else with a screen!

  • Check out your local free attractions in your own town – museums, parks, beaches etc.
  • Build a camp in your home – grab a handful of clean bed sheets and blankets, push the couches together and set up camp!
  • Go outside and kick a ball around, play Frisbee or shoot some hoops.
  • Get in the kitchen and make a meal together.
  • Check out your local “u- pick” and go pick some berries or beans!
  • Nature art – older children make like to make pictures using items sourced from nature.
  • Go for a long hike.
  • Pack up a picnic lunch and go for a hike.

It’s impossible to get completely away from technology, and its not going anywhere its part of our culture now.  Involve your kids and enjoy coming up with fun, screen-free alternatives!

Check out our FREE Screentime Challenge download here – to encourage your child to complete as many challenges each day before an electronic gadget is even picked up.


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