Summer Safety Tips – Children and Bicycles

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Summer Safety Tips - Children and Bicycles


Accidents on bikes tend to rise during the summer months.  Children of all ages,  are more likely to be riding bicycles for fun during the summer months, as opposed to simply riding bikes to school.

Parents should talk with children about bike safety and set ground rules to reduce accident risks, but ultimately it is up to drivers to make sure they do not put children in jeopardy by making unsafe choices while sharing the roads with young bike riders over the summer.

With the summer break about to start we found some great tips on bicycle safety for children that we wished to share with you. Thanks to Bicycle Barn

  1. Wear a good helmet every time you get on your bike. Adjust the straps to make your helmet fit snugly, and never ride even a short distance without it.
  2. Kneepads, elbow pads and gloves are not mandatory, but they can help prevent serious injuries if you should have a mishap while riding.
  3. Wear proper clothing. Light colored clothes or reflective garments make it easier for motorists to see you

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