Discipline After Divorce

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A separation or divorce can be a stressful time for the entire family. If we lived in a perfect world, divorced parents would be able to co-parent easily and the rules would remain consistent. Discipline and consequences would carry over from one home to the next and both parents would work together to prevent behavior problems before they start.  However, this is not necessarily the case in most homes.

But of course, most people get divorced because they don’t see eye-to-eye. It is possible, even if you don’t agree on all parenting issues with your former partner, to still take steps to teach your child the skills he needs to manage his behavior.

However, many parents lose sight of how to best discipline their child when they’re going through a divorce. Often, even with the best intentions, parents make these common mistakes:

  • Not being honest about their child’s behavior
  • Trying to become the favorite parent
  • Being inconsistent
  • Talking badly about the other parent
  • Overcompensating for the other parent
  • Making excuses for the other parent


Here is a great article that talks about Discipline after Divorce.

We developed our  My Time Chart which can help your family during a divorce or separation. It can help in the following ways:

  • Both you and your former spouse work together to address your child’s concerns.
  • Help your child adapt to his new routine.
  • Provide support through the transition.

The chart system also brings structure and peace of mind to your child’s daily life and helps the entire family stay connected.  Use coupon code VCHART15 to save 15% at checkout.

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