Finding Friends – Networking with Other Parents


When you first have children you may notice that you start to hang out with a different circle of friends. Now the people you are most likely to mix with our other new parents who have newborns too.  Moving to a new town, heavily pregnant I did not know anyone!  Soon after the birth of my first child, I attended a New Moms class run at a local hospital. Here connections were made and friendships formed – friendships that still exist today even though our children are now about to high graduate school!

Here are some tips to make it easier to meet other new parents in the same boat:

  • Look in the local paper for  “new moms” or “new dads” groups.
  • On the first day of school, just as your child is checking out other children, you may find yourself checking out other parents!
  • Join the PTA at the school.
  • Look for local music or gym classes for your child.
  • Stay active in the community.

You can use the network as a support group. Raising children is often stressful and isolating; knowing that you can vent and share your feelings with other people who are facing the same issues can be very comforting and affirming.

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