Using Praise to Encourage Good Behaviors

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Using Praise to Encourage Good Behaviors

Praise is the simplest yet most effective discipline tool that parents can use to increases good behavior. Giving praise to your child shows them that you take notice when he’s following the rules, playing quietly, or following your instructions.  Encouraging and praising your child will motivate your child to keep up the good work.

All kids love attention, but it’s all to easy to let good behaviors often go unnoticed. When kids aren’t getting attention, they’re often tempted to misbehave just so you’ll notice them.

Here are a few specific behaviors that can be especially responsive to praise:

  • Praise your child for sharing, taking turns, using kind words, and getting along well with others.
  • Praise your child for following the rules.
  • Remember to pay attention when your child is playing quietly or entertaining himself.
  • Praise your child for listening to instructions.

When your child is learning a new skill, praise can encourage him to keep trying. For example, if you praise your child for his willingness to try hard or his ability to be patient as he learns, you’ll increase his motivation to keep trying.

Praise and positive attention is healthy when it is given at the appropriate times. Here are some examples:

  • Offer immediate and frequent feedback
  • Make praise specific
  • Make praise positive
  • Praise effort, not the outcome
  • Offer genuine praise.

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