Alternative to Screen-Time

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Being home with children 24/7 can sometimes be difficult to keep them  entertained without resorting too often to TV programmes and computer games. If this is an area of concern for you we may be able to help! We found a great resource from The Parent Fairy who suggests one way to overcome this is to have lots of alternative ideas available for them to choose from – a boredom jar. Whenever you here your child say they are bored , you direct them to the jar.

Here are a few of their ideas:

Find a recipe and cook a meal together
2.    Do a science experiment
3.    Draw an alien
4.    Bake cakes or biscuits
5.    Copy a picture in a book
6.    Create a family flag or coat of arms
7.    Draw a dinosaur
8.    Draw an animal
9.    Make some homemade ice lollies
10.    Do gymnastics
11.    Draw your house
12.    Build something out of Lego
13.    Dance
14.    Do a puzzle
15.    Do brain teasers

Click here to read more of these great activities from The Parent Fairy.


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