Parenting Practices that Don’t Include Yelling

Victoria Chart Company - Parenting Practices that Don_t include Yelling

It seems that nowadays yelling at your kids, especially in public is a big no-no, but the number of out of control children has not changed.  So how do you deal with a child that just doesn’t seem to be able to control themselves despite your best efforts? Try to be a positive role model for them, and remain calm. Simple right? Well, not really – here are  six alternatives to losing your temper when it comes to disciplining your little ones.

  • Choose your Battles Wisely – focus in on the dangerous to themselves (or others) battles – that’s when you step in.
  • Reduce “Time-outs” – if you have to remove your child from a situation, sit with your child and talk about it.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s normal for kids to express feelings by acting out, and that you shouldn’t “reward” them by also getting upset.
  • Time – give yourself some time to calm down. Yelling is instant and probably loud and possibly hurtful.
  • Remain positive and calm – by remaining positive even through the tough times, you provide your child with positive reinforcement. They pick up from you how you deal with life situations.
  • Remember to reward good behavior – instead of taking away from your child who does not listen, reward them instead when they do well – no need to go overboard on this – young children love stickers. We can help!

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