3 Key Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe During Pool Season

Summer is in full swing, and around the country, families are heading to their backyard pools in order to cool off and have fun. While most kids adore splashing and swimming around in the pool, it goes without saying that their safety is paramount. In order to make sure that children stay safe during swimming season, please consider the following three tips.

Invest in a camera security system

To help boost the safety of your pool area, you can’t go wrong with a security camera. While you never want to leave your children alone in the pool, a security camera will help keep an electronic eye on the pool area when no one is supposed to be in it. Lorex Technology sells a selection of Wi-Fi security cameras that feature an easy three-step installation process, which means you can start streaming live footage of your pool directly to your smartphone or tablet right away.

Create a system of barriers

One of the most crucial ways to promote pool safety is to install a number of barriers that will keep young children and those who are unable to swim out of the pool area. As HomeTips notes, a safety fence is a great place to start; it should surround the entire pool and accessed by a self-closing gate with a lock. If the fence is made of metal, check it regularly for signs of rust or anything else that will compromise its integrity. Because determined kids may try to get around the pool fence to reach their beloved body of water, you will want to have more than one backup barrier in place, like a pool cover. Look for one that is designed to keep kids and pets out of the water, attaches over the entire surface and edges of the pool and is strong enough to support your weight. You can also install a pool alarm that sounds a loud warning when someone ends up in the pool.

Establish pool rules

To keep your kids as safe as possible while swimming, The Red Cross has a number of suggestions. For example, never let anyone — even a teenager with strong swimming skills — swim alone, and consider enrolling your young children in swim lessons. Keep a constant and sharp eye on your kiddos while they are in the pool — even kids who are pretty strong swimmers can start having issues while in the water so it is important to monitor them at all times. Don’t allow roughhousing or other games that might cause someone to get a conk on the head, and make running around the pool an absolute no-no. If your pool has a deep end, mark off the area with a rope outfitted with floats, and make it a rule that only strong swimmers are allowed in that section. Also, keep a phone nearby in case of emergencies. If you are concerned about your smartphone being near water, put it in a water-proof plastic container or plastic bag.

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