Bedtime Meltdowns – Getting Your Child to Sleep at Night

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Everyone knows – sleep is essential for keeping your little one healthy – yet many parents often find bedtime to be an impossible task of getting your child to sleep. “One of the most important things we can do for a child is to create a good bedtime routine” says Rebecca Michi, Seattle based Children’s Sleep Consultant. We teamed up with Rebecca and developed the Good Night, Sleep Tight chart

Here are 3 simple sleep tips to follow:

  1. Have a good solid bedtime routine. – use a sleep chart to help you establish a routine with your child.
  2. Do not eat big meals before bedtime.
  3. Limit screen time before bedtime.

Infant and toddler sleep problems can have a detrimental effect on parental mood (i.e. depression and anxiety), marital satisfaction and parental stress level. There is increasing evidence which shows that sleep disruption or lack of sleep is harmful to a children’s learning ability, concentration, mood, attention and behavior. Sleep deprivation in children has also been linked to lowered immune systems, diabetes, depression, hindered physical development, stress and anxiety.

Our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart is a fun, simple to use chart and brings great results for both parent and child.  It has been designed as a simple reward chart system using fun colored stickers to acknowledge successfully completed steps by the child.  A free printable Good Night, Sleep Tight certificate complements the chart and is available to download from

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