How to Encourage Your Toddler to Write

victoria chart company reward charts blog - encouraging toddlers to write

There are many ways that you can spark your child’s interest in writing at home with engaging, fun activities.  Children often have many ideas in there head, and to get these ideas written down on paper can sometimes be challenging.  Here are some useful tips to introduce your toddler to writing:

  • Remember to consider your toddler’s motor development.  If your toddler is too young to hold a crayon, for example, it may not be time to start introducing words just yet.
  • Provide larger crayons, markers, or pens for your toddler to grasp.  The larger the crayon, the easier it is for the toddler to hold and start drawing.
  • Encourage your child by perhaps leading your toddler in word games.
  • Let your child gain confidence and learn at their own pace- you don’t need to be a teacher!

As with all fine motor skills, teaching your child to write begins at an early age. You can encourage your child’s hand-eye coordination by introducing crayons at an early age.

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