8 Steps to a Happy Child

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When you think of who suffers from stress, children don’t spring to your mind. Why would children be stressed? There are no bills to worry about paying or other adult things to worry about. Yet, children feel stress, too – often significantly. Some of the things that children worry about are,  making friends, succeeding at school or sports, and fitting in with their peers. They may also struggle with the divorce of their parents or feel anxious about war and violence they see on the news.

Here are some ways that you can help:

  1. Listen to them
  2. Eat meals together as a family
  3. Tell them you love them everyday
  4. Teach them to be kind to others
  5. Help them form friendships with other good children
  6. Give them the opportunity to express their feelings
  7. Have some downtime and make sure its fun
  8. Set a good example

You have a tremendous impact on your child’s happiness; lead by example by modeling happy, healthy habits for your children.


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