Tips for a Stress-free Christmas with Children


Adults may think they are the only ones who are stressed at holidays, but our little ones have a strange way of picking up on our moods, including stress. How can children relax when parents aren’t? When we are rushing all over the place and stressed ourselves, we can’t expect our children to be enjoying themselves. I certainly fall into this trap myself and can say first hand that I’ve seen how it can affect my children.

So, how do you help your family have a more relaxing Christmas holiday?

  • Keep it simple: We have a tendency to want to fit every Christmas activity and party into the holiday as possible. Sit down with your family and decide what you are going to do or participate in before the season gets started. Keep it simple. Your family really doesn’t have to participate in every party and activity that you’re invited to. That also means that parents don’t need to leave their children with the sitter to go to endless parties. Instead, spend the time at home as a family baking, playing games…. You get the point.
  • Remember routines: This is really important for parents with smaller children. When their routines are continuously broken, they can get stressed out. Both the child and parent! Try your best to keep that routine going as much as possible. Even my school age kids get stressed when our routine is broken day after day.
  • Meal Time: This is an important one! Family meal time is important for reconnecting with each other but during Christmas season it’s even more so. It’s a time to unwind at the end of the day and reconnect with each other. I know it’s impossible for my family to get all of us together for every evening meal. However, we try as many nights of the week as possible. It really makes a difference.
  • Nutrition: Family meal time doesn’t include sitting down at your family’s favorite fast food restaurant as your own your way to rush to the mall to do more Christmas shopping. It means serving your family home cooked nutritious meals. Not that eating out occasionally is wrong, just keep it in check. There are great websites that can help you with menu planning during this busy time (or any time) and can help you get your family to the table.
  • Limit video games and TV: I know, I know. It can be so easy to use TV or video games as a baby sitter when we are so busy. However, when kids are feeling stressed they need more physical activities (hey, that goes for the parents as well) and exercise.
  • Hang on to those family traditions: Every family has some sort of holiday traditions. These traditions can make children feel comforted and secure. They know what to expect. One word of warning though. If your Christmas tradition is actually adding more stress to your family’s life then maybe you need to consider letting it go.
  • Share: Help children to learn the real meaning of Christmas and that it’s not all about getting, but giving. Our children can become stressed just seeing all the commercials and ads telling them they MUST have a certain item to be “ok”. Find ways with your children that your family can give back.
  • Laugh & Relax: I can’t stress this one enough. Find time this Christmas season to relax with your family. Enjoy family game night, watching Christmas classic shows and just being together.

Wishing all of our followers a wonderful relaxed Christmas!

Thank you Dr Greene for this article.

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