5 Ways to Avoid Bedtime Tantrums

victoria chart company reward charts blog - toddler sleep problems

If you have young children is bedtime an issue in your house? For some parents of young children, when bedtime comes around, chaos breaks out. The whole routine is affected if you have a child who is reluctant at bedtime.

Children of preschool age need between 11 to 13 hours sleep a day – including nap time. If your child goes to bed too late, they might not be getting the sleep that they need, which can lead to a host of other issues, including irritability and sleepiness during the day.

  1. Use blackout curtains.
  2. Play soothing music.
  3. Use a weighted blanket.
  4. Take a bath before bedtime and start relaxing
  5. Keep the routine consistent – use a bedtime routine chart such as our Good Night Sleep Tight chart.

Should you wish to purchase a reward chart to help establish a bedtime routine for your little one, we recommend our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart.  Further details can be found here and should you wish to buy then VCHART15 will get you 15% off at checkout

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