Tips and Tricks for Teaching Study Skills to Kids

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We found an article which we believe that you too will find useful and want to share it with you – Teaching study skills to kids. This skill rarely comes naturally.  These tips and tricks should be able to help you as you work with your child to set them up for success. I encourage you to try and start young. Great habits start young. However, it is not too late if your kids are older, but it will take a lot more effort and intentionality.

Create a Space

First, it is important for your child to have a clean, organized space to work. This space may be in an office or bedroom. It may be at your dining room table. If it is in a central place, make sure they have easy access to materials they might need as well as consider some noise cancelling head phones to eliminate distraction. Also, make it a great environment by turning off the television. Some kids will focus just fine with lots of distractions and others will be all over the place. Know your kids and give them the space that will most set them up for success. Here is an example of how we set up our own homework station.

The space you create should have all the needs they might have. As you go along, you may realize there are things missing to complete tasks, and you will want to refill immediately. Kids can finish tasks more efficiently if you, as the parent, have a prepared and stocked place to make it all happen.

Create a Routine

Creating routine is so important for kids. It is especially critical if you have a child with autism. For them to know the schedule ahead of time and have the security of a routine greatly aids in their personal success. It is great for all kids. I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of person. However, this year I am wanting to establish more of a rhythm in my home. Therefore, I now have a small, simple white (or in this case blue) board where I can create a visual reminder of the daily routine. I wrote in black things that I would like to keep consistent on a daily basis. The pink represents the daily changes. In the routine, I want to create some free choice/free time so we don’t always feel so scheduled. My first grader, Abby, tends to get hyped up by stimulating  experiences. Last year, after school time was super challenging. She’d be fine…then hyper…then fall apart. I have seen that when she has a routine and established quiet time as mandatory after school, she does a lot better. Hopefully this schedule will help. I will adjust as needed.

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