5 Ways to Discipline Toddlers

victoria chart company reward charts blog - common discipline mistakes when parenting

Suddenly when your little one reaches 2 or 3 years of age they start to assert their independence. The only word they seem to know is “no”.  So much is happening in their minds and even though it is a lot of work for their parents it is quite an amazing time. Your little one is growing up!

At this time, toddlers still require discipline that will teach them how to behave in this crazy world we live in. Here are 5 ways that may help.

  1. Establish and maintain a routine. Providing structure to your little ones day will help them move from one activity to another much more smoothly. A healthy bedtime routine is a must! For help, check out our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart.
  2. Plan outings at a good time. Try not to take your child shopping if they are tired. If your child is. Well fed and rested any activity outside the home should go more smoothly.
  3. Create rules and follow them. Toddlers need frequent reminders but eventually the rules will sink in. Remember practice makes perfect!
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you go out, don’t expect your child to be a perfect angel! Some mild misbehavior can be ignored as long as it’s not hurting them or someone else. Remember children often misbehave to get attention.
  5. Praise good behavior. Continually reinforcing good behavior will help your child learn to repeat good behaviors. Remember to praise your child for even seemingly small behaviors such as playing nicely, picking up toys etc.

We hope that these ideas have helped you.  Remember we can help with sticker charts – VCHART15 will save you 15% off our Reward charts at www.VictoriaChartCompany.com


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