Moving House: 8 Ways To Help Children Cope With The Upheaval

victoria chart company reward charts moving house with kids

January is a time when many parents are thinking about big changes they plan on making in 2018, and if a new home is on your agenda then you’re probably bracing yourself for the stress of sorting contracts and organizing removal trucks or booking a uhaul. We thought that this article would be useful for our readers.

As you pack the toys into boxes, you may be looking at your kids with a little bit of envy – oh how you wish you had someone to do all your box packing for you – but make no mistake, they may be as stressed about the process as you are.

A change of scene is obviously a huge upheaval for everyone – especially if it has come because of a breakdown or change in family circumstances – and many children will find moving house unsettling and full of uncertainty.

Obviously this is not a reason to stay put, especially when a move might mean more space, a garden, better schools, or a hundred other factors that improve your child’s wellbeing long term.

So how do you overcome the issues that might arise in the short term when moving house, to make this a positive experience for your children?


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