Five Alternatives to Time Outs

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We’ve all been there – tired, stressed and trying to do a million things and quite frankly we are just not in the mood for protests from our little ones!  Sending a screaming child to a time out corner just doesn’t work! We have lost a sense of connection because isolation, punishment, and fear don’t work. Time outs don’t encourage our children to be compassionate and confident. Instead, take a deep breath and try the following:

  1. First, get a hold of your own emotions
  2. Talk it through
  3. Do something silly or funny
  4. Take a parent ‘time out’ – remove yourself from the situation, even just for a few minutes
  5. Connected with your child – give them your undivided attention.

These simple techniques may help you to reconnect to your child, lighten up stressful situations, and curb defiant behavior.

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