5 Things a Parent Should Never Say to a Child

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 10 Things to Never Say to Your Kids

The words you say to your child will have a lastingly affect on how your child feels about you, and also how he feels about himself. At the point when your little one gets out of hand, pick your words carefully. Here are five things you should never say:

  • Why can’t you be like your brother/sister?
  • Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.
  • Just wait until your father gets home!
  • Have you learned your lesson yet?
  • What’s wrong with you?

All of these statements focus attention on the child as a whole, instead of  his or her behavior.  Using shame, guilt, or fear will eventually backfire because these strategies don’t focus on the real problem, which is the behavior,  but imply that your child is the problem.

As parents we can teach children that behavior is a choice. Help them to learn and make better choices. Making a bad choice does not mean they are a bad person; just that they made a mistake and need more practice and coaching to do better next time.


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