5 Ways Parents Unknowingly Encourage Bad Behavior in Kids

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 5 Ways Parents Unknowingly Encourage Bad Behavior in Kidsr

Children learn from those around them and sometimes the parents behaviors are less than perfect! A serious result can be children behaving badly too!  So you may think that  you would never encourage your child’s bad behavior? If you’re doing any of the following, you might be doing just that. Children learn to behave badly, just as easily as they learn to be nice and kind and well-mannered.

Here are some common ways parents unknowingly encourage bad behavior in kids.

  •  Not being consistent
    You say no to that extra piece of candy. Your child throws a fit. You give your child that candy.
  • Not following through
    Have you ever seen a parent make empty threats? If yes, then your child has probably stopped listening to you. Why should they listen to you when you say something and it doesn’t happen? There are no consequences.
  • Making excuses
    He’s tired. He’s still young. He’s hungry. Sure, kids can’t be expected to be at their best 100 percent of the time—it’s not fair and it’s not possible.
  • Making threats
    There’s a difference between warning a child that there will be a consequence if he misbehaves (lose TV time or access to their tablet,  if he hits his brother, for example) and threatening punishment. One fascinating study showed that when kids are threatened with punishment for lying, they are more likely to lie.
  • Laughing at their behavior
    Yes, it might be adorable when your child jumps up and down on the chair at a restaurant while singing his favorite song or eats pasta off his fingers.

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