The Fun Way to Help Children Learn Times Table (with FREE download)

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We have developed a product which is perfect for home and school, the Play Times Table Game is the fun way to help children (and grown-ups) learn times table (up to 12 times).

Helping a child to learn their times tables creates the foundations for many different aspects of mathematics – and is an essential skill for life!

PTT play times table game dark background victoria chart company reward charts

Up to 4 players, each game includes: one laminated game board (30 x 30cm), with ‘How To Play’ instructions, an example time table (just in case you need to check answers!), 8 x scoresheets, 2 x dice and 4 x counters per pack.

Using the two dice provided, players move their counters round the board and multiply the number they land on with the results of two dice thrown (younger children can use just one dice to keep multiplication simple). Results for each score are entered on the score sheet with a running total.   More scoresheets can be downloaded here.

Our Play Times Table Game is the perfect learning game for an engaging, family moment.  It is ideal to play over the summer months to ensure children are continuing their learning and enhancing their math skills before the return to school.

FREE Practice Download!

To compliment our game and to prevent the ‘Summer slide’, over the coming weeks we will be posting fun Practise Times Table worksheets.  You can download the 3x Table Practice here!3x table quiz

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