Healthy Summertime Snacks for Children

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Fun Summertime Snack Ideas for children

Summertime is here!  We all love delicious summertime snacks. We have found some summertime snacks – thanks to Baby Einstein for these wonderful ideas.

From popsicles to potato salad, everyone loves summertime snacks! It’s a great opportunity to let your little ones try something new. Who knows how much their taste has changed each month? Take a look at some of the yummy snacks below and check out more ideas at Disney Family Fun!

  • Citrus Sipper: Break a peppermint stick and stick it into an uncut lemon. Just suck on the stick as usual and soon it turns into a straw to give you a sugary-sweet treat! Yum.
  • Frozen Flower Pops: Cut petal designs into pineapple, stick a watermelon ball in the center, and add a slice of green apple as a leaf. Freeze for an hour, and voila!
  • Mr. Tomato Head: Do you have trouble getting your little one to eat veggies? This fun snack idea is an easy way to get them eating tomatoes and smiling at the same time! All you need is a small tomato, some black beans, celery, and cream cheese to make this cute character good enough to eat.
  • Fruit Kebabs: Simple and sweet. Grab your favorite fruits (berries and melons work best) and stick them on a skewer for the family to enjoy!
  • Patriotic Pops: Cool down this summer with a patriotic popsicle. Freeze the layers one at a time to create this red, white and blue icepop. It’s a great snack for your little ones, especially with July 4th right around the corner!
  • As delicious as these sound, don’t forget you can even carve a melon manor to house toys for your little one to play with. It’s the perfect summer picnic activity!

Which one sounds the most delicious to you? Be sure to share your other favorites in the comments below!

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