How to Teach Your Kids to Learn From Failure


One of the worst things for a parent to see is their child failing at something. Watching from the sidelines as their child misses the touch down,  misspelling a word at the school spelling bee contest or not being picked for the school cheerleading squad, whatever it may be. It’s hard to just watch.  Watching your child fail at a particular task can start at an early age to, not just in high school years.

However, it is important to remember that failure can be transformed into a learning experience that actually improves your child’s ability to succeed in the future. We all learn from our mistakes. My son recently took his driving test and failed. Yes, he was super upset at the time, but I reminded him that this is how we learn. Recognize your mistakes and learn from them. This week, the second time around he passed with flying colors!

Failure is a natural part of living, failure can produce painful feelings such as anger, sadness, frustration or low self-esteem in a child or adult. How your child experiences these emotions may be based on his age and maturity; he can, however, be taught to recognize and deal with those feelings in a positive way.

Remember that your children are learning all the time from the example you set. If you get mad that you have been passed over for a promotion, think what an example this is setting for your child. Our children see how we accept or deal with failure and that influences their own response.

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