Simple ways to get Sticker Charts to work for you


Victoria Chart Company - smart ways to get sticker charts to work

Sticker charts can be a very useful tool for parents who want to remind their child to do what he’s supposed to (like getting dressed and brushing teeth in the morning for school or helping set or clear the table for dinner) For an older child they can be used as a reminder (or incentive) to work on different highlighted behaviors each day – such as doing laundry on a Monday, homework on Wednesday, taking trash out on a Thursday etc.

School aged children respond well to charts – they are seeking to get their parents approval and they love receiving praise and being able to show evidence (stickers on a sticker chart) for a job well done. Often parents will set a goal with their child before they start a sticker chart – maybe a special Mom/daughter trip or going to the park for a picnic.

We recommend that you don’t rely just on a sticker chart to correct behavior problems in kids. Rewards, incentives, and consequences are only as good as how you apply them. Telling a child that you will not allow them to have their tablet or phone for a week, then giving in to them the very next day teaches them that there are no real consequences for their behavior as Mom or Dad does not see things through.

Remember that all children like to do simple things with their parents – eating dinner together or snuggling up together to read a book or watch a movie is fun for a child and will help create a strong bond. These are rewards to the child that don’t cost money!

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