Back to School Homework Tips

victoria chart company reward charts blog - back to school homework tips

Summer is coming to an end which can mean only thing … the homework battles will commence soon!  Follow these great tips to help ease these struggles:

  • Encourage your child as much as possible.
  • Revisit after school activities.
  • Children learn in different ways and styles.
  • Schedule a homework time each day.
  • Help your child be organized to complete their homework by setting up a “homework station”.
  • Use daily incentives.
  • Take an interest in what they are learning!
  • Attend school meetings to find ways you can support your child with homework.
  • Don’t do their work!
  • If your child is struggling with their homework, set up a meeting to talk with their Teacher. Many teachers are willing to make “student accommodations” – from setting time limits or reducing the amount of work.

We hope that these tips are useful. Maybe you have some of your own tips that you would like to share in the comments below. For older children our My Credit Chart is a great tool to use and is available from our website Coupon code VCHART15 will get you 15% off our range of charts at checkout.

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