Secrets to raising a grateful child


Let’s be honest- there is no secret to raising a grateful child. Every home and every kid is different. Raising children is a lot of work. We all want our children to be the best they can be! One of the hardest things to teach children from an early age is how to be grateful.

Here are 6 tips to help raise a grateful child.

  1. Model appropriate manners.
    Your child is always watching you!  Manners start with you!  Make sure you are using everyday manners such as saying “Please” and “Excuse me”. Children quickly pick up and imitate what others around them are doing–good or bad! So make sure you are setting a good example!
  2. Set high standards for behaviors around others.
    Teach your child that it is good manners to hold the door for others, or to take your shoes off when entering someone else’s house.  Let your child know exactly what you expect.
  3. Teach the gift of giving. 
    All kids love to receive gifts and often want more and more of ‘stuff’. Spend time going through toys and clothes to donate together with your child.
  4. Show appreciation. 
    Make sure you are showing appreciation and being grateful toward your child! Showing appreciating consistently at home will lead to your child showing appreciation out of the house.
  5. Writing “Thank you” letters
    Start the habit early  – get them in the habit of writing thank you letters or giving people a thank you phone call when your child receives a gift or card.
  6. Talk daily.
    Family togetherness is very important. Find time each day to sit down together to talk about your day. At this time, ask your child what they are grateful for.

Do you have any other suggestions for raising a grateful child?

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