An Easy Way of Learning Times Tables

Family Playing Board Game At Home

Are you kids struggling with learning their times table? This is an important life skill to learn,  but is an area that many struggle with. However, once learnt, this skill will be of utmost importance throughout your life.

We developed our Play Times Tables Game to help children and families learn times table (up to 12 times). An essential skill for life!

Each game include:

  • Up to 4 players.
  • Each game includes: one laminated game board (12 x 12 inches), with how to play instructions, an example time table (just in case you need to check answers!) and 8 x score sheets, 2 x dice and 4 x counters per pack. 

A brief description of how to play: Using the two dice provided, players move their counters round the board and multiply the number they land on with the results of two dice thrown (younger children use just one dice to keep multiplication simple). Results for each score are entered on the score sheet with a running total.

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