Fun and Easy Activities for Small Children and Toddlers

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 5 Tips for a Healthy Toddler

Toddlers and preschoolers need time to just run around and let off steam. Local parks, playgrounds or even the beach are great places for kids of this age. Here are some activities that you can work on with your little ones for matter where you are:

  • Using a large soft or squishy ball start teaching the basics of throwing and catching and even kicking a ball.
  • Play games which involve rolling, skipping or chasing!
  • Make up silly walks with your child – hop like a bunny, run like a dog.
  • Do not rely on a stroller, fold it up and leave at home or in the car and have your child walk with you.
  • Blow bubbles and chase after them popping them!
  • Use music – make it fun.
  • Grab some hula hoops and have a friendly competition.

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