10 Reasons to be Happy That Autumn is Here

victoria-chart-company-reward-charts-blog-autumn-is-coming-reasons-to-be-happyDon’t be sad about the end of summer, but instead be rejoicing at the arrival of autumn! If you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about the changing of the seasons, be inspired by our list of 10 excellent reasons why this is the best season of all.

  1. Walks through the forest over a carpet of leaves that scrunch under foot.
  2. Sweaters. There is nothing that compares to that first day you can wear an oversized sweater.
  3.  Food. Stews and casseroles and great big plates of pasta. Food that warms you up and calms you down. Crumbles.
  4. Picking blackberries off the hedgerow and eating them immediately. Inky, purple fingers that give the game away.
  5. Pumpkin EVERYTHINGPumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks are back earlier than ever this year! If you can’t wait any longer, however, you can learn how to make a health-ier version with real pumpkin here.
  6. Apple picking. This is not a “couples only” activity, but make sure you have a good best friend to hold you on your shoulders to reach for that apple (not to eat, but to post on Instagram).
  7. Football. Even if you don’t understand which team is playing most of the time, at least tail gates and hosting football parties provide an opportunity for you to show off your Pinterest skills.
  8. Your friends are back in town. There was one summer I didn’t see my roommates for two full months. Between weddings, vacations, trips to the shore, and BBQs, the city becomes a ghost town left for tourists to devour. Autumn is a time to reconnect with those long lost friends on the Upper West Side and remember that seeing them is worth the trek up there.
  9. TV. This is not something I am usually a huge fan of, but it’s nice to be able to have some common ground with the woman sitting next to you on the bus or the man that sells you your pumpkin spice latte.
  10. The beach is empty… and beautiful. The eye candy might not be as prevalent, but the water is warm and you can stretch out and not worry about accidentally touching someone’s thigh.

What great reasons to be thankful that Autumn is here!

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