20 Ways To Be a Great Parent 

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 5 ways to be a more effective parent

  1. Take charge
  2. Pick your battles
  3. Set limits
  4. Be a good role model
  5. Always be truthful
  6. Be affectionate towards your spouse in front of the kids
  7. Give appropriate praise
  8. Give yourself a break
  9. Show your child how to become a responsible citizen
  10. Explain to your kids why values are important
  11. Don’t raise a spoiled kid
  12. Avoid food fights
  13. Read to your kids daily
  14. Say “I love you” whenever you feel it
  15. Get kids moving
  16. Keep the TV in the family room
  17. Know when to toilet train
  18. Don’t accept any disrespectful behavior  from your child
  19. Talk nicely to others about your kids
  20. Play with your children

This is just a start, let us know more ways in the comments below. 

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