Playing Board Games with Children

PTT play times table game lifestyle shot.jpgTechnology has been entangling with our lives recently so much that we sometimes sacrifice parenting for convenience.  An example of this is when parents text their kids to let them know dinner is ready and for them to come to the dinner table.

This is of course quite extreme, but it happens.  Then once dinner is finished kids vanish back to their bedrooms and back to their phones or laptops. Parents too are just as guilty of being in isolation – perhaps being on their laptop and working from home in a separate room from everyone else.  If this sound like your family, try to change things up a little, introduce “game night” once a week and encourage everyone to get together as a family.

We have created our Play Time Table game which is a small light weight game for families to play together and help each other learn their times tables. This is a fun and rewarding game to play together.

Play, generally, adds joy to the life, but specifically board game playing brings some unique health and life improving benefits to a person’s life. It’s not an activity that should be enjoyed once in a while when you get bored, for the best results it has to be a regular mission. Click here to see the reasons why you should play board games together.


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