Making Christmas Gifts with Young Children

fun activities at christmas

Start your Christmas traditions! Christmas is just around the corner and we have some wonderful festive ideas that you can share with your little ones and help you celebrate! Perhaps you had some childhood traditions in your family as you were growing up, maybe try recreating some of them with your family. Recreating special moments that your children will cherish, and hopefully they will create traditions with their families when they are older.

Here are some fun Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers and toddlers.

  • Instead of toting your tot to Target to pick out another tie for Dad, think about something your child can actually make themselves – it will be a lot more meaningful.  Bonus: Your little Christmas elf will be so proud to see the pleasure his gift brings that he’s sure to insist DIY crafts play a big part in future Christmas family traditions.
  • Buy a canvas from the craft store and use masking tape to spell out the name of your gift recipient (“Dad,” “Aunt Debi”) or a seasonal word (“Hope,” “Joy”). Then suit up your sweetie in an old shirt, arm him with a paintbrush and small plastic cups of craft paint, and let him go at it. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and you will have a mini masterpiece.
  • Your relatives will love anything made by your little one— but you might want to give them something they’ll use too. Set your preschooler up with fabric markers and a flour-sack dish towel or two (available in any store that sells kitchenware). To prevent bleed-through, spread the towel over a piece of cardboard and let him draw what he wants. Add a holiday message (and the artist’s signature, of course), and wrap it up with a ribbon.
  • Make a scrapbook! Grandparents love scrapbooks, especially when they’re made by loving little hands. Give your little ones markers, crayons, and holiday stickers so he can decorate five or six pieces of card stock or construction paper. Then let him choose photos from the past year to paste on each page. Bind the  pages by punching two holes three inches apart and tying the pages together with ribbons, or simply staple the pages together. Feeling fancy? Take your sweetie’s scrapbook to a print shop to be laminated and bound.
  • Baking cookies and other treats are a regular feature of the holiday season. But too many sweets can wreak havoc on your little one’s appetite, not to mention his behavior.

Little kids can’t grasp the concept of time, which is why they constantly ask if it’s Christmas yet. That’s the reason advent calendars are a great Christmas activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

Share your traditions with us, we would love to hear.

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