Teaching Toddlers Consequences


Children learn how to behave by modeling those around them, so be careful how you act! Every child has days when they drive their parents to distraction.  We have found several ways to address behavior problems effectively and efficiently:

  •  A common discipline technique is to take away a privilege that’s related to your little ones offence. It’s important to make this an immediate consequence too – don’t try to delay the consequence because of your surroundings. If a child is using crayons on the wall, take the crayons away immediately and have them sit quietly for a short amount of time. Explain in a calm voice why their behavior is not acceptable. Once they have calmed down you can return the crayons and coloring book and hopefully your child will cooperate. Don’t threaten to take away something later in the day for an earlier bad behavior.
  • Another way of teaching consequences is using time-outs.  Young children can learn at an early age the whole “time out” process. It involves a child to calm down and gain control of themselves again.  It also deprives them of doing something they enjoy. It’s important to remember to make the time out age appropriate.. Having a 2 year old sitting for ten minutes in a time out will back fire. General rule for timeouts is 1 minute per age of the child.  Remember it’s not a punishment time its a cooling down period.

We found a useful article on teaching consequences. Most parents feel like their consequences aren’t effective at one time or another. But sometimes, a few simple changes to your discipline techniques is all it takes to change your child’s behavior. Here are six ways to make your consequences more effective. Click here to view.


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