Routines Really Do Help Children Sleep

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How Our Sleep Reward Chart Can Help Kids With A Bedtime Routine

A  study has just revealed that a regular bedtime routine for children assists them to sleep better and longer.  The children also behaved better during the daytime, researchers found.  The multinational survey of more than 10,000 mothers was designed to investigate the relationship between a bedtime routine – the activities that occur just before lights out – and how well children sleep.

It found that a consistent bedtime routine was associated with getting children to bed earlier, reduced night waking and longer sleep.  There were fewer sleep problems and fewer daytime behavior problems.

Mothers of 10,085 children aged five and under in 14 countries around the world including Britain took part in an infant/child sleep questionnaire.

The link between better sleep outcomes and a bedtime routine was found within both predominantly Asian and predominantly Caucasian cultural regions.

The researchers concluded in their study, reported in the journal Sleep: ” These results indicate that having a regular nightly bedtime routine is associated with improved sleep in young children, and suggests that the more consistently a bedtime routine is instituted and the younger started the better.”

Principal investigator and lead author, Jodi Mindell, a professor of psychology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and associate director of the Sleep Centre at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, was quoted on Mail Online as saying: “Creating a bedtime routine for a child is a simple step that every family can do.

“It can pay off to not only make bedtime easier, but also that a child is likely to sleep better throughout the entire night.”

“For each additional night that a family is able to institute a bedtime routine, and the younger that the routine is started, the better their child is likely to sleep.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that positive bedtime routines involve a routine of calming activities. These can include a soothing bath, brushing teeth and reading a bedtime story.  We heard from parents that were struggling with a bedtime routine and with the help of a Sleep Specialist we developed our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart. It is available to purchase from our website at

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