Tips to help you “Spring Forward”

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Simple tips to help your Spring Forward

This year in the USA the clocks spring forward at 2am on Sunday March 10th 2019.  After a long dark winter we welcome the extra sunlight into our lives! However, we have lost an hour of sleep which can be hard for children adjusting their body clocks. “Young children need more sleep and don’t tolerate sleep deprivation as well as adults,” explains Daniel Lewin, Ph.D., associate director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C. “The loss of just one hour can really affect a child’s attention span, appetite, and overall mood.”

By making some small adjustments in our schedules we can move much more easily into the new time zone. Click here to view the tips from the National Sleep Foundation.

Our Good Night Sleep Tight chart can also help you establish a healthy regular bedtime routine for your little ones. The Good Night, Sleep Tight reward chart system provides a step-by-step routine that rewards children for putting on their bedtime clothes, brushing their teeth, falling asleep on their own, and staying in bed all night.

Check out our Good Night Sleep Certificate too which is a available as a FREE download from our website

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