10 Good Table Manners Tips to Teach Your Kids

Victoria Chart Company - Teaching good tablemanners

Good table manners are important at all times! Whether you’re eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends. Teaching table manners is an important tools for social interaction that will help your child for the rest of their life! Wow- that’s something to think about!

We have created our Let’s Eat Together Placemat that teaches children to learn their table manners, to sit nicely at a table for mealtimes and to encourage togetherness with family members.

The ten basic table manners to teach your child include:

  • Wash hands before coming to the table
  • Don’t speak with your mouth full of food
  • Don’t chew with an open mouth
  • Wait for everyone to be served before starting.
  • Do not interrupt when others are talking
  • Don’t stuff your face full of food.
  • If you cant reach something on the table, ask for someone to pass to you.
  • Leave your knife and fork together on the plate when finished.
  • When a meal is finished, and you leave the table (after asking to be excused) push back your chair to the table.
  • Say thank you!

Eating together at the dinner table is a great way to connect with each other at the end of the day.  Check out our Let’s Eat Together Placemat to teach your children table manners.


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