Do children really need to go to Preschool?

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Preschool is vital for many children not because it provides academic preparation, but because it provides a nurturing environment where they can play while their parents are working. But do children really need to go to preschool?

We found an interesting article which we wanted to share with you on this topic.

Preschool must all too often be purchased for a hefty price. In fact, preschool expenses are one of the most surprising costs of having a young child. So many of us pay the asking price, but is that cost really necessary? Are there less expensive options? And is preschool itself really all that important

“Children need to develop a healthy and strong brain architecture,” says Todd Grindal, an education expert at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “The experiences kids have in the early years have profound effects on their futures,” he says. Considering a child’s brain grows to 90 percent of its adult size by age five, the first few years are critical. Preschool aids this development in the following ways:

  • Academic Achievement.
  • School Readiness.
  • Social/Emotional Development.
  • Social Progress.

Click here to read this article in detail.

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