Raising Happy Children!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - tips for happy children

As parents, we want our kids to be healthy,  happy, and well-adjusted. Here are some  ideas to raise happy kids:

  1. Try to  control bad behavior – often a child knows that they get their parents attention much quicker if they behave badly.  We believe, that sometimes you just have to ignore bad behavior and concentrate on the good behavior (as long its not harming them or someone else)
  2. Do recognize and praise good behavior – try to encourage your child’s good behavior, homework, getting dressed by themselves, picking up toys etc.  A visual reward chart is a great way to for your child to monitor this.
  3. Allow for success and failure – this does depend on your child’s age. A child under 4 is constantly learning to master new skills such as dressing, walking , potty training etc. For an older child, sometimes it is good to take a small back step and watch. This can provide a great learning opportunity for them and through repeated experiences of mastery, they develop the can-do attitude that lets them approach future challenges with the zest and optimism that are central to a happy life.
  4. Give them real opportunities to learn.  This gives your child a sense of belonging and they see that you value their help in the home.
  5. Teach your child to be thankful! Provide an opportunity each day, maybe at the dinner table,  for your child to say what they are grateful each day.

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