Helping Hands in the Kitchen

All parents want children to develop a healthy relationship towards food. For many years my son was a picky eater and had a limited diet, but we constantly had different foods on offer for him to try. One day, at a party when there was a vast array of different (healthy) food on offer, the penny dropped and he suddenly asked if he could try some thing new! Wow- I was taken aback and when I picked my jaw off the ground I said YES of course! He hasn’t looked back since.

Here are some ways to get children into the kitchen and help in the preparation of meals:

  • Rinse off fruits and vegetables and pat them dry.
  • Preparing salad – tearing lettuce leaves into small size pieces.
  • Stirring or mixing ingredients together.
  • Setting the table.
  • Cracking eggs and whisking if needed.
  • Peeling bananas.
  • Slicing fruit with a plastic knife.
  • Spreading peanut butter on celery!

There are so many ways kids can help. Share with us how your kids help you.

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